Our important team members. Starting with you.

Our most important team, of course, is all of you. You are the athletes, parents, students, homeowners, caretakers, and concerned individuals who appreciate the many benefits of turfgrass. In addition, there are other important members of our team. And together, we’ll let greatness take root.

Virginia Tech Turfgrass Team

The team at Virginia Tech works diligently to study the science behind turfgrass, perform exhaustive research, and develop innovative new ways to help turfgrass make an even greater impact on our lives.

Mike Goatley Jr.

is Professor and Extension Turfgrass Specialist in VT’s School of Plant and Environmental Sciences. His primary job responsibilities are statewide development and implementation of educational outreach programs for all areas of Turfgrass management and he conducts applied research that focuses on turfgrass cultivar evaluations and various aspects of improving and promoting environmental stewardship in turfgrass management. 

Tom Kuhar

is a Professor and Agricultural Pest Management Extension Specialist in the Department of Entomology at Virginia Tech. His current research focuses on the ecology and pest management of key pests of vegetables, row crops, and turf grass. Extension responsibilities include developing and disseminating up-to-date and practical solutions to manage arthropod pests.  With regards to turf grass, he is currently researching the biology and management of annual bluegrass weevil in VA as well as evaluating insecticide efficacy for that and other pests.

David McCall

is an Assistant Professor and Extension Turfgrass Pathologist at Virginia Tech, in the School of Plant and Environmental Sciences. His current research focuses on early stress detection using drones and field radiometry, site-specific management using GPS-guided sprayers, and other novel strategies to reduce pesticide inputs. Extension responsibilities include developing and sharing practical solutions to suppress diseases of turfgrasses grown for sod, commercial and residential lawns, and recreational facilities, such as golf courses and athletic fields.

Abby Baxter

focuses in the implementation, verification, and management of nutrient management plans within the urban landscape, specially focusing on golf courses and state owned lands.  These plans minimize the movement of N and P into surrounding surface and groundwater sources. She also assists in training and organizing the Certified Nutrient Management program.

Xunzhong Zhang

is a Research Assistant Professor and Sr. Scientist in VT’s School of Plant and Environmental Sciences. He leads the turfgrass stress physiology research program at VT and conducts basic and applied research to better understanding the mechanisms of turfgrass stress tolerance and mode of action of innovative biostimulants and small organic molecules for improving turfgrass quality and physiological fitness, especially under abiotic and biotic stresses. His research area has also expanded to include stress physiology of forage and bioenergy grasses, row crops, and vegetables.

Jeffrey Derr

is a Professor of Weed Science and is located at the Hampton Roads Agricultural Research and Extension Center (HRAREC) in Virginia Beach.  He conducts research on weed control strategies in nursery crops, landscape ornamentals, and turfgrass.  He also evaluates control options for certain invasive species in noncrop areas.  He oversees the turfgrass program at the research station, working with Mr. Adam Nichols at the station, and with campus turf faculty.  Besides turfgrass weed control trials, the HRAREC conducts NTEP trials in cool and warm season turf species as well as drought tolerance trials in a rain-out shelter.  Jeffrey Derr also serves as station director for the HRAREC.

Virginia Turfgrass Foundation Team

The team at Virginia Turfgrass Foundation helps manage the funding, function, and application of turfgrass research and development.

Jeff Everhart, VCTP


Allison Moyer

Board Member

Eric Frazier, CGCS

Board Member

Jim Wilson

Vice President

C.D. Prillaman

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Brandyn Baty

Executive Director

Dean Whitehead, CSFM


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